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CMDesign's first paid job came back in 2004 when Chris Miles, at the time still a student-athlete, designed football graphics for the Linfield Wildcats new video scoreboard for football game days. "Who do we write the check out to?" they asked. It was then C-M-Design was born. However, it wasn't until 2007 when CMDesign officially became established and began making an impact on businesses and sport graphics throughout the Willamette Valley and across the nation. In 2011, Chris' side gig had grown to his full time career. CMDesign is built on the same fundamentals as those acquired from the gridiron days. Work hard, give it everything you've got, and play every play like it's your last. Chris was a champion of football. With hard work, dedication to our clients, and treating every project with the highest priority—CMDesign is a champion of design.
Chris graduated from Linfield College in 2005 with a bachelor of arts degree in Studio Art with a focus on graphic design. He also minored in mathematics and philosophy. During his time at Linfield he won a National Championship in football as a defensive lineman and was voted Most Valuable field athlete on Linfield Track and Field team. Upon graduation Chris was also the recipient of the Merit Award in Studio Art from the Helen Blumenstiel Endowed Fund for his academic excellence. Following graduation Chris was hired as a graphic designer by the Yamhill Valley's News-Register local newspaper. He excelled in creating advertisements and after one year was promoted to lead the art department. Soon after he was promoted again to production manager and lead pagination and output of the newspaper pages. During his five years at the News-Register Chris amassed over 45 design awards including 17 first places. In 2011, Chris left the newsprint to focus on CMDesign. He loves meeting with clients and help bring their vision to reality. He has designed for numerous businesses including CrossFit affiliates across the nation. He also designs for Linfield College and other sports teams. Currently he, his wife Danielle and three children live in McMinnville, Oregon. Chris Miles | Graphic Designer DEFENSIVE LINEMAN FOR THE 2004 NATIONAL CHAMPION WILDCATS Linfield College Class of 2005
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